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DepED NEU picks MAXICARE as HMO Partner

April 7, 2011 Comments off

The country’s biggest registered union of government employees has chosen Maxicare Healthcare Corporation as the health insurance provider for its thousands of members and co-workers nationwide.

Department of Education National Employees Union (DEPED-NEU) National President lawyer Domingo Alidon (left in photo) said Maxicare was chosen based on its “exceptional” credentials in HMO expertise, experience and nationwide coverage aside from the best premium rates among the country’s four leading health insurance providers.

Shown in photo with Alidon after the Maxicare confirmation meeting (left to right) are Maxicare executives led by Asst Vice-President Rodelee Uy, Sales Manager for New Business Direct Fiona Marie Lava and Account Officer Lerry Dedicatoria.

Alidon said Maxicare will automatically provide the health insurance coverage for all participants of DEPED-NEU’s member-and-employee-housing program for both low-cost and economic housing categories. DEPED-NEU had earlier partnered with Ayala Land Inc. and R-2 Builders for its housing program.

Under DEPED-NEU’s nationwide housing program, both health insurance and life insurance coverages are provided free to all participants as part of the mortgage takeout arrangements with the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

“The GSIS arrangements result in cost-savings for our members and co-workers since the premium payments for both health and life insurance coverages are tucked into the discounted purchase price for all types of housing units which are payable only from P3,500 to P8,000 per month over a maximum period of 30 years,” Alidon explained.

He added that DEPED-NEU’s member-benefit programs are designed not only to improve the quality of life of DepED employees but, more important, to give back the dignity of the profession to both teaching and non-teaching employees of DepED in order to motivate them to improve their work and attain quality basic education services for the Filipino people. #

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MOA Signing between R-II Builders Inc. & DepED NEU

February 21, 2011 Comments off


The country’s biggest registered union of government employees, the Department of Education National Employees Union (DEPED-NEU), has appointed R-II Builders Inc. as its developer-partner for low-cost housing.

DEPED-NEU National President, lawyer Domingo Alidon (third from left) signed the memorandum of agreement last January 25, 2011 with R-II Builders Inc. Executive Vice-President lawyer Jerome Canlas (second from left), to allow R-II to design, plan and develop affordable but decent low-cost housing units for DepED’s 586,000 teaching and non-teaching employees nationwide.

“We rely on R-II Builders’ 22 years of proven experience and expertise in lowcost
housing development to give back the dignity of our profession through decent and
affordable housing. This would hopefully lead to an improvement in the quality of our
country’s basic education and contribute to the success of reforms in basic education,”

Alidon said after the simple signing rites at R-II Builders’ offices in Quezon City.
For his part, Canlas said R-II Builders considers the DEPED-NEU partnership as
another opportunity to contribute to the country’s development by helping improve the
quality of life of low-income public school teachers .

Witnessing the MOA signing were R-II Builders Vice-President for Business
Development, Richie Tiosejo (standing second from left) and DEPED-NEU consultant
for information, education and communication (IEC) Gerry Saudi (seated, right). ###

DepED Union renews commitment to support Luistro

December 20, 2010 Comments off

Members of the Department of Education (DepED) National Employees Union (NEU) have renewed their commitment to support the leadership of Secretary Armin Luistro during their national conference in Tagaytay.

“We, the employees and teaching force of DepED, support the appointment of Brother Armin (Luistro) as Secretary of Education,” said DepEd NEU President

Atty. Domingo Alidon. “We believe that under his leadership we can continue to achieve the goals we have set for the Filipino children.”

In their letter of support, the 40,000 strong non-teaching personnel of DepED expressed their recognition of “the efforts of the DepED Management headed by Secretary Br. Armin Luistro in promoting a harmonious and progressive union management relation towards achieving quality education.”

They also called on “all DepED employees, concerned citizenry and all other stakeholders to support Secretary Br. Armin Luistro in his effort to lead the DepED family.”

It can be remembered that the union previously opposed the appointment of Luistro citing several reasons. “But that was before we had him evaluated using the five union parameters for an education secretary,” explained Alidon.

The parameters are: no politicking, professional management of DepED, respect or the right to public sector unionism, transparency in all transactions in DepED, and continuation of good programs and projects initiated by previous secretaries.

“He passed our criteria and we, not just the non-teaching personnel but all the teachers as well, are 100% behind him,” Alidon added.

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Luistro clarifies issues raised by DepED Union

December 13, 2010 Comments off

Education Secretary Br Armin Luistro has issued clarifications on issues raised by Atty Domingo Alidon, president of the Department of Education (DepED) National Employees’ Union.

“Concerns like these serve as my guide,” said Luistro. “This is a kind of feedback mechanism that will help us improve our job and be better public servants.”

Among the concerns raised by Alidon are the alleged hiring of 440 consultants and contractual employees even though the government calls for austerity, the designation of consultants to line functions and to positions of authority. Alidon also asked for clarification on the appointment of a new personnel to a Director III position that should have been abolished along with the Muslim Affairs Office.

According to Luistro, no consultant was assigned a line position and that of the above number, majority are janitorial and maintenance personnel in the central office and the Baguio Teachers’ Camp. Also among the contractual employees are the DepED’s field engineers who assist, monitor, and maintain school buildings and educational facilities around the Philippines. Records showed that the contracts of these employees were renewed during the term of the former administration to facilitate transition and avoid work disruption.

“Every new appointment made in the department is reviewed for legality and compliance with civil service rules,” shared Luistro. “Meantime, we allowed existing personnel under contract to continue with their services for a limited time only. We can say that transition is still going on and these contracts are being reviewed. Whether they may be allowed to continue on after the expiration of their current contracts will depend on the outcome of the review. We cannot, in one fell swoop, fire all the Department’s contractual employees, otherwise, we would cripple our operations as well as expose the Department to legal liability.”

The Personnel Division also revealed that the Director III item being questioned is a plantilla, co-terminus position that was approved by the Office of the President and is not specifically part of the Muslim Affairs Office.

Many contracts of service will end on September 30, 2010 and a few others on December 31, 2010. According to Luistro, since he assumed office, he entered into 30-day contracts with the 2 Undersecretaries and 4 Assistant Secretaries who were separated from the service by Memorandum Circular No. 1, because they needed time to turn over their duties and files to their successors.

The Department has also re-hired 2 former Undersecretaries and 1 Assistant Secretary under 3-month contracts, to allow them to conclude specific projects and initiatives which were formerly within their purview. “Other than those,” Luistro adds, “I think we have only hired 2 people to perform specific duties for 3-4 month periods.”

The union also asked Luistro to consider the comments of other stakeholders on the proposed K+12 education program and give priority to the resource gaps urgently needed by schools. “We still have our eye focused on closing resource gaps,” said Luistro. “Planning the proposed K+12 program is a parallel effort. Announcing our plan to pursue K+12 early opens the matter to discussions. This will give us more inputs that will become part of the planning process.”

He also reiterated his previous statement that pursuing a 12-year education program will take time and cannot be simply put in effect without looking at all variables first. In addition, the Secretary has vowed to continue consulting all the various stakeholders on the K+12 program – teachers, parents, students, and legislators before implementing the K+12 program.

Alidon criticized the Secretary for allowing volunteers to perform important duties in the Department. Luistro’s response: “On the issue of volunteers, I will welcome any well-meaning, committed individuals who wish to help us. However, let me emphasize that we do not allow volunteers to usurp the authority of duly appointed officials.”

Alidon also asked the Secretary to continue including union representatives in major management committees. To this, the Secretary replied, “We recognize the vital role of public sector unionism in the Departments policy-making, implementation, and monitoring, and will comply with what is legally required. We have yet to constitute the major committees, but of course we will include the union representatives in the decision-making process for any policies which impact on our employees’ rights and welfare, including the management committee, the personnel selection board, and the performance review committee, among others.”

The leadership of the employees’ union and Luistro is scheduled to meet again in early September for the third round of consultation.

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