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CNA Updates

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CNA Updates during the 7th NEU Congress at Baguio City

Signed CNA presented during the 7th NEU Congress
CNA Joint Resolution
CNA Powerpoint Presentation
CNA Presentation by Dir. Alegria
NEU Membership

Summary of CNA Proposals

  •   Provide a multi-purpose hall to serve as   physical fitness area, recreation and games hall, sports room, video room

and emergency dormitory   in case of calamities

  •   Provision of security guards’/drivers   quarters


  •   Provide office space for our union by   division, regional, central chapter
  •   Provide adequate office supplies that are   needed for daily official task and transaction such as furniture and fixtures   (chairs, table, computer w/ printer, photo copier and aircon units
  •   Provide cafeteria or eating place for   personnel
  •   Provide comfort room, shower and dressing   room
  •   Provide two (2) office personnel in our   union to keep our records, etc.
  •   Provide prayer room or mass hall
  •   Provide space for feedback mechanism and   suggestion box
  •   Provide bulletin boards for union use


  •   Provide shuttle service for employees
  •   Load allowance for all non-teaching   personnel
  •   Provide fare increase to non-teaching   personnel especially to rank and file


  •   Provide communication facilities such as   telephone and internet connection
  •   Provide service vehicle for union concerns   per region
  •   Provide medical health insurance including   immediate family members

–            50% to be paid by the employee and 50% by   the management

–            Plus 50% health insurance for immediate   family

  •   Provide medical allowance. Php5,000.00   annually
  •   Provide free annual physical and medical   examination for non-teaching personnel (anti-cervical cancer for women and   digital rectal examination for men c/o Gender and Development Fund)
  •   Provide medical/dental clinic with   competent staff and medicines
  •   Remove smoking areas in all workplaces

–            Enlighten employees on non-smoking policy


  •   Provide accident and hazard insurance   coverage to employees
  •   Ensure the safety of employees and   properties during man-made and natural disasters by providing safety gear   such as helmets, raincoats, emergency and first-aid kits, and pre-positioning   emergency equipment such as gensets, rescue rafts
  •   Provide emergency/ disaster-preparedness   seminars and trainings


  •   Implement management training program for   unionism, value formation and skills development (information technology   advancement) and social development such as “lakbay-aral”, excursion and team   building at the expense of the agency
  •   Weekly compensation
  •   Honorarium for skilled personnel or   creation of position
  •   Provide college scholarship/ post-graduate   scholarship programs for non-teaching personnel
  •   Provide (annual/quarterly) sport fest to   union members
  •   Awards and Incentives  –    ensure the implementation of Unified Program on Awards and Incentives   for Service Excellence (PRAISE)
  •   Reallocation or reclassification of non-

teaching position

  •   Include representation in the following   committees:

–            Personnel Selection Board (PSB)

–            PRAISE Committee

–            Grievance Committee

–            Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)

–            Conciliation and Mediation Board


  •   Consider the employment of qualified next   of kin/direct dependents of deceased, retired and disabled employees without   demoralizing the existing competent employees
  •   Provide employee induction program and   career rating to motivate employees to be more efficient and effective
  •   Minimize political intervention
  •   Appoint the president of the union at the division   level as a member of Personnel Selection Board for non-teaching applicants.


  •   Grant of two (2) days union leave benefits   among non-teaching personnel
  •   Payroll deduction  –    management shall deduct union dues and other assessment from salary of   union members in accordance with a check-off authority signed by the   individual member or through a duly ratified Board Resolution of the union.   All deduction made shall be remitted by management to the union treasurer   (division, regional, central)
  •   Automatic payroll deduction of membership   and monthly dues of the union
  •   Support union economic activity such as   union cooperative or union store/ flea market
  •   Enable employee representation in policy   making bodies, management created committees ad special committees in   DepED/LGU’s as per Local Government Code


  •   Grant of union leave to employees   association

–            Two days union leave benefits

–            President’s birthday holiday for Atty.   Domingo B. Alidon

–            Day of approval/Accreditation of CNA

  •   Annual DepED Management-UNION day   celebration granting of Php1,000.00 to all employees actually present and   that on official travel this incentive on the occasion of the celebration of   every year
  •   Rehabilitation leave for five (5) days for   work-related injuries
  •   Twelve (12) days  day off annually
  •   Provide/allowance additional leave credits   for non-teaching personnel although this is a violation on leave loss but   teachers are enjoying proportional vacation pay and additional 15 days   service credits per DepED Order No. 53, s. 2003
  •   Maternity leave in case of abnormal   deliveries like caesarean, accidental abortion, ectopic pregnancy etc., be   extended to another 15 days making it 75 days with pay
  •   Emergency leave of 5 working days shall be   extended to an employee who is a victim of fire, flood, typhoon or any other   natural / man-made calamities


  •   Provide leave credits for non-teaching   personnel who serve as member of board of election tellers during election   day

–            Grant of service credits for non-teaching   personnel serving during national election

  •   Categorized the number of working days   availment of vacation and sick leave with thirty (30) days minimum for both   privileges depending on the length of service

e.g. 20 years to 30 years / 20 days VL& 20 days SL

30 years   and above / 25 days VL & 25 days SL

  •   Granting an employee to donate leave   credits to his/her colleague who is sick when the latter has already used   his/her leave credits
  •   If funds are available provide overtime pay   for employee for leave credits or competency day off due to exigencies of   service
  •   Mandatory payment of reasonable overtime   services for non-teaching personnel


  •   Provide 1 extra day off for every four day   of official travel
  •   4-day work week or gliding flexi time
  •   Provide flexi time for employees who need   to serve or render services to clients beyond office hours
  •   Allow 15 minutes grace period before an   employee is considered tardy
  •   Institutionalize transparency in all office   transactions
  •   Establish/implement the grievance machinery
  •   Institutionalize consultation of employees   through the union policy changes
  •   Institutionalize periodic consultation   between the union and the HRD department of the agency on the schematic implementation   of work assignments


  •   Provide allowance for non-teaching   personnel through SEF
  •   Provide (monthly/quarterly) rice allowance   for non-teaching personnel OR
  •   Grant 1 sack of rice valued at Php2,000.00   per quarter
  •   Adopt/Implement cash incentive for retiring   non-teaching personnel with 1 month salary but not lower than Php10,000.00
  •   Provide hazard pay for non-teaching   personnel
  •   Entitlement to step increment  –  1   step for every 3 years of services
  •   Implementation of loyalty pay based on   guidelines if possible Php1,000.00
  •   Salary adjustment for at least three salary   grades higher
  •   Christmas Grocery

–            Allowance of Php5,000.00

–            Gift check worth Php2,000.00

  •   Birthday gift/bonus, cash gift upon   retirement, mortuary and laundry allowance

–            Php1,000.00 for birthday bonus (with at   least 1 year of service)

  •   Provide Death/Burial assistance benefit
  •   Provide educational assistance in the   amount of Php10,000.00 every month of June
  •   Provision for petty cash fund for rank and   file
  •   CNA Implementation Incentive

–            of not less than Php10,000.00

–            of Php30,000.00 or more

  •   Incentive Bonus of Php30,000.00
  •   Provide additional benefits aside from   regular year-end benefits
  •   Set aside an amount for emergency purposes
  •   Day Care or nursing centers for the children   of employees
  •   Special Insurance benefit
  •   Provide housing subsidy to employees who   only rent or live with relatives


  •   Establish welfare fund benefit for   non-teaching personnel
  •   Provide/Entitlement for one salary grade   higher upon retirement
  •   Give priority to personnel in availing the   privilege to lease DepED properties suitable for housing
  •   Provide legal assistance for non-teaching   personnel not only relative to elective matters but in line with the   discharge of duty
  •   Implement a Subsidized Housing Program   through partnership with Ayala Land


  •   Provide budget for Lakbay-Aral
  •   Provide other design of uniform to   non-teaching personnel distinct from teachers
  •   Local DepED NEU should be allowed to join   local environmental groups/association of their choice
  •   Send representatives to participate in   peaceful assemblies concerning environmental and socio-political assemblies,   activities, issues or advocacies



Requirements for CNA Registration

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CSC Accreditation of DepED NEU

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CNA Updates – Voluntary Recognition

January 13, 2011 Comments off

“The draft DepED MEMO directing all administrative officers/ HR staff to issue a certification on the total number of actual non-teaching personnel and to validate DepED-NEU’s membership roster is now being finalized by Usec. Alberto Muyot, for signature of Sec. Luistro by next week.”


“The DepED Memo for the verification of the actual number of non-teaching personnel and DepED-NEU members will be signed by OIC-Secretary Quijano before Friday, Jan 28, and will immediately be disseminated to all schools, district, division and regional offices nationwide including attached units.”


“Because of this, we are optimistic that the final official verification will be completed on or before Feb. 15, 2011 while the approval for DepED’s voluntary recognition will be secured on or before March 1. CSC’s formal accreditation of DepED-NEU will follow shortly thereafter.”

Updates on Voluntary Recognition

December 15, 2010 Comments off

Civil Service Commission-Personnel Relations Office Director Alan Alegria and DepED Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Alberto Muyot met formally on December 13, 2010 to discuss DepED-NEU’s Petitions for Voluntary Recognition and Accreditation.

Director Alegria suggested that DepED management already initiate the Members’ Verification process to ascertain:

1) The actual number of DepED-NEU members per division; and
2) The actual number of occupied non-teaching positions per division.

This means that once DepED management verifies as CORRECT AND ACCURATE our list of members and validates the Certification issued by former Director Max Aljibe, then the Civil Service Commission will approve DepED-NEU’s accreditation based on the “50 percent plus one Rule.”

Also, this means that DepED management will also approve DepED-NEU’s Petition for Voluntary Recognition.

After these, CNA na tayo!!!!

We request all DepED-NEU officers and members, especially Administrative Officers and HR personnel, to assist in DepED management’s verification process.

Salamat po!!!

Status of the Petition for Accreditation

December 9, 2010 Comments off

Submitted to Chairmam Francisco Duque III of the Civil Service Commission, forwarded to Personal Relations Office (PRO) and now being evaluated by Director Alan Alegria.

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Status of the Petition for Voluntary Recognition

December 9, 2010 Comments off

Submitted to Osec, forwarded to Usec for Legal and now under review by Usec Alberto Muyot.

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