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CNA Updates – Voluntary Recognition

January 13, 2011

“The draft DepED MEMO directing all administrative officers/ HR staff to issue a certification on the total number of actual non-teaching personnel and to validate DepED-NEU’s membership roster is now being finalized by Usec. Alberto Muyot, for signature of Sec. Luistro by next week.”


“The DepED Memo for the verification of the actual number of non-teaching personnel and DepED-NEU members will be signed by OIC-Secretary Quijano before Friday, Jan 28, and will immediately be disseminated to all schools, district, division and regional offices nationwide including attached units.”


“Because of this, we are optimistic that the final official verification will be completed on or before Feb. 15, 2011 while the approval for DepED’s voluntary recognition will be secured on or before March 1. CSC’s formal accreditation of DepED-NEU will follow shortly thereafter.”