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Updates on Voluntary Recognition

December 15, 2010

Civil Service Commission-Personnel Relations Office Director Alan Alegria and DepED Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Alberto Muyot met formally on December 13, 2010 to discuss DepED-NEU’s Petitions for Voluntary Recognition and Accreditation.

Director Alegria suggested that DepED management already initiate the Members’ Verification process to ascertain:

1) The actual number of DepED-NEU members per division; and
2) The actual number of occupied non-teaching positions per division.

This means that once DepED management verifies as CORRECT AND ACCURATE our list of members and validates the Certification issued by former Director Max Aljibe, then the Civil Service Commission will approve DepED-NEU’s accreditation based on the “50 percent plus one Rule.”

Also, this means that DepED management will also approve DepED-NEU’s Petition for Voluntary Recognition.

After these, CNA na tayo!!!!

We request all DepED-NEU officers and members, especially Administrative Officers and HR personnel, to assist in DepED management’s verification process.

Salamat po!!!